Infrared Thermocouple IRt/C.01-K-240F/120C

Infrared Thermocouple IRt/C.01-K-240F/120C

Time:2020-06-05 13:54:44

IRt/C.01-K-240F/120C Model
Self powered infrared thermocouple. Best for low temperatures (< 500 °F) and non-metal or coated metal surfaces. No active electronics, so these passive devices can not fail.Our  sensors will minimize downtime and increase your production. Product Overview

The IRt/c.Ol features:
• Infrared Thermocouple IRt/c
• Non-contact • Self Powered
• Intrinsically Safe
• Repeatability 0.02° F (0.01°C)
• Interchangeability ±1%
• Resolution approx. 0.0001°C
• Small size

Technical Data:
SKU:   IRt/c.01-K-240F/120C
Sensing Range: -45 to 290 °C
Target temperature: 80 to 120°C
Ambient temperature range: -18 to 70°C
Field-of-View : 1:1 (60°) approximately
Minimum Spot Size: 0.3" (8 mm)
Spectral Response: 6.5 to 14 µm
Output Impedance: 3 Kohms approximately
Output signal: K thermocouple
Power: Self Powered
Weight: 1.4 oz (40g) with cable        
Housing: High stength ABS, hermetically sealed,exceeds NEM,4,4x;              
               intrinsically safe,Two locknuts supplied

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